Our library is mostly on shelves on the east wall of the Fellowship Room in the meetinghouse.  The books for children are in one of the nearby small meeting rooms.

A catalog of our books, pamphlets, and other items is on  You can find it at  You may wish to click on the column labeled ‘Dewey/Melvil’, which will sort the list by Dewey Decimal Number; this may be more convenient for browsing by subject.  Alternately, you may wish to search by 'tag', such as "17th century" or "education".  Feel free to have a play; you can't break anything. 

New England Yearly Meeting has put a catalog of its religious education lending library on  You can find the catalog at

While we have many Pendle Hill Pamphlets, you may wish to browse the pamphlets from their web site at

You can find archived issues of Quaker Life, the magazine of Friends United Meeting (FUM), at  Archived issues of Friends Journal are available at to current subscribers.  Britain Yearly Meeting publishes Quaker News, which is available at, and various newsletters are at  Although The Friend, an independent British Quaker weekly magazine, does not have free access to archived issues, it's worth browsing their website at

There are a number of Quaker bookshops, including the following.

You can find documents from World Conference of Friends 2012 "Being Salt and Light - Friends living the Kingdom of God in a broken world" at

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Faith & Practice of New England Yearly Meeting

Quaker faith & practice of Britain Yearly Meeting
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Faith & Practice (links to ‘books of discipline’
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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21). Volume VIII. The Age of Dryden. §IV. The Early Quakers. by Edward Grubb
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