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The ‘silent’ meetings started by George Fox and his followers are still the center of Quaker life.  You are welcome here for a quiet hour in communion before God, during which anyone may ‘speak out of the silence’ if moved by the Spirit.  On some occasions, there may be no one who speaks. On other occasions, there may be one or several messages.  If you enter after a Meeting for Worship has begun, you are welcome to quietly take a seat.

Public Statement in Response to the Tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia

The horrific recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia reminds us, as people of faith, to publicly explicitly reject white supremacy.  These beliefs contradict our Quaker testimony that all are equal children of God.  The threats and use of violence by white-supremacist movements to advance their abhorrent ideology is rejected by most people.  Concord Friends Meeting (Quakers) unites in condemnation of these oppressive ideas and actions.

Quakers believe there is that of God in every one, even those who commit or prepare to commit acts of violence.  White supremacist hatred reflects an unreasoning fear of others.  Some may feel violent response to their violence is justified.  However, as the civil rights movement clearly illustrated, hatred and violence have only one antidote: love.  We struggle to learn effective, loving resistance.

Please join in reflecting on how we are complicit in a society that spawns such hatred and how we can counteract this hatred.  This tragedy is related to long-time failures to recognize that there are benefits to many of us from deeply rooted systems that uphold white supremacy and cause immense harm to our brothers and sisters of color.  It is linked to the lie that race is a biological fact (with white superiority) rather than an ever-reconstructed system of oppression.  The groups actively manifesting this ideology are encouraged by the complicity of many who let them to go unchallenged.  We will challenge and confront these failures in ourselves and others, working toward a world free from fear, injustice and oppression.

On behalf of Concord Friends Meeting,

Mark Barker

Richard Kleinschmidt

Kathy Mercer

Robert Spencer

Please also see “Such a Time as This: A Response to Hate and Violence”, August 18, 2017 as well as the “2017 Epistle of New England Yearly Meeting”, August 12, 2017.

We meet for worship every Sunday morning in our meetinghouse at 11 Oxbow Pond Road in Canterbury, NH.   For directions, go to the Finding us page.  For more information, go to the FAQ page that drops down beneath the About tab.  Please come and visit.

Our schedule on a typical Sunday follows.  On second Sundays of the month, the end of our regular worship service is followed by a pot luck lunch and then a Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.  Other programs may follow worship, particularly on fourth Sundays of the month.

  • 10·00 - 10·15 : Worship through song
  • 10·15 - 11·15 : Worship (unprogrammed) and young people’s ‘First-Day School’
  • 11·15 - 11·30 : Introductions & announcements
  • 11·30 - 12·00 : Tea or coffee, talk (optional)

For more information about Quakers, please see New England Yearly Meeting, the Wikipedia entry on Quakers, Quaker Information Center, and links to Quaker web sites.

You may also wish to look at New England Yearly Meeting’s Faith & Practice.

Here is our current calendar.

The meetinghouse, completed in 10th Month in 2010, is near the border of Concord, Boscawen and Canterbury, and is shared with the Appalachian Mountain Teen Project.  Below is an image of the meetinghouse on the 22nd of 4th Month in 2014.

[Concord Friends Meetinghouse]

First Day School Registration

To register your child for First Day School, you may download a Word .doc file or Adobe PDF file by clicking on one of the images below.  Then you may print it, and fill it in for posting or leaving with a member of the Youth Religious Education (YRE) Committee.

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