Library of Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)

(based on


11 Oxbow Pond Road,

Canterbury, NH 03224-2043, USA

Telephone Number:



LibraryCommittee [at] ConcordFriendsMeeting [dot] org

Access Policies

Hours of Service:

First Days (Sundays) ~9:30 am - ~12:00 pm or by appointment

Open to the public:

By appointment



Interlibrary loan:


The meetinghouse is not staffed, but access to the Library can be arranged via e-mail with the LibraryCommittee [at] ConcordFriendsMeeting [dot] org.  More information about the Library can be found at

Reference Policy:
Telephone and mail reference questions are not answered.
Borrowing Privileges:
Borrowing privileges are available to members and attenders only. The collection does not circulate to the public.
Quaker Librarians’ Collaborative,,,

Drupal Libraries Group.
Acquisitions Policy:
Mostly by donations of items.  (See
Weeding Policy:
Our weeding policy is based on the CREW (Continuous Review, Evaluation, and Weeding) method, although we are not as good at the 'continuous' part as we wish we were. 

(See  as well as
Background Note:
The library was founded in the 1980s(?).

Description of Collections

Books and monographs:
The collection holds over 1,000 items with publishing dates covering the 20th through the 21st centuries.  Strengths of this collection are Quakers and the Religious Society of Friends.  Many items in the collection were published by Pendle Hill Publishers, QuakerBooks of Friends General Conference, Friends United Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting, and Britain Yearly Meeting.
A catalog is available at  Bibliographic control is good, but not complete.  Of all types of materials, the books are most completely cataloged.  A description of our cataloging approach is available at
Periodicals and newspapers:
There are 4 current subscriptions from Friends organizations in the United States: Friends Journal, Quaker Life, Pendle Hill Pamphlets, and Minutes of New England Yearly Meeting.  The collection consists primarily of current newsletters and flyers from Friends’ organizations.  Our Meeting also has a collection of Swarthmore and other lecture series and some proceedings.  Very little is exhaustive or comprehensive.  The strength of this collection is Society of Friends, peace studies, conscientious objection, disarmament, and other areas of interest to the Society of Friends.
Archives, manuscripts, correspondence, and oral histories:
Most archives and manuscripts for this meeting will be located in the Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) at the W.E.B. Du Bois Library of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Vertical Files:
There are no vertical files in this collection since booklets, pamphlets, and flyers are integrated with books, compact discs, audio cassettes, and video tapes on the shelves.

Subject Headings

Conscientious objection; Pacifism – Religious aspects – Society of Friends; Peace studies; Society of Friends


For a list of the tags used in the library catalog, go to

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(in .doc, .xls, and/or PDF format)
image of ‘Expense Report Form’

Expense Report

Occasionally, Friends make in-kind donations or need to be reimbursed for expenses made on behalf of the Meeting.  You may wish to download this ‘Expense Report’ form in Microsoft eXceL Spreadsheet (.xls) format to simplify submitting the donation record or reimbursement request.  You should be able to use it with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice programs.  In future, we hope to create a web form to fill in directly on this web page and e-mail it to the Bookkeeper of the Monthly Meeting.

image of ‘Library Sign-out Sheet’

Library Sign-out Sheet

You may wish to download this ‘Library Sign-out Sheet’ in Microsoft Word document (.doc) format to record the borrowing of library items.  You should be able to print it with Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice programs.