Community Safety Statement

As a gathered and faithful community, Concord Friends Meeting is committed to the assurance of the physical, emotional, and sexual safety of all its members and attenders while they are involved in Quaker activities at the Meeting House or in other locations.


  • There is that of God in every person.
  • Intergenerational activities are vital elements in children’s and adults’ experiences.
  • No person shall be put at risk for emotional, physical or sexual abuse.
  • No person shall be put at risk for false accusation.

The above principles are the foundation for our practices in our First Day School.  They lead to the following practices which are of special importance for children who are entrusted to our care.


In order to increase safety and decrease risk to all members of the community we agree to these practices:

  • Teachers, assistants, and child care helpers are expected to be active in our community for six months prior to participating in First Day School.  They must be mature and responsible adults and no less than three years older than the youth being served.  Those under eighteen should be in an assistant capacity under direct supervision.
  • If one area of activity is in use, there will be two adults present
  • If two areas of activity are in use, there will be three adults present with the children: a teacher or child care worker in each room plus a third adult floater between the rooms observing and assisting as needed.
  • Clean criminal background checks with regard to child abuse are a requirement for those out with children in any of above capacities (teacher, helper, or floater).
  • Doors to rooms where activities take place have windows in them.
  • Restroom doors will be left partially open when youth staff assist children in the restroom.
  • Parents are welcome in their child’s classroom at any time.
  • For activities that require transportation,
    • All drivers must be at least 21 years of age and have proof of insurance and valid driver’s license.
    • Seat belts must be used for all passengers.
    • Age and weight appropriate safety seats must be used.
    • Written permission for youth under eighteen must be obtained from parents/guardians.
    • Background checks are required for anyone transporting anyone other than their own child.
  • A record of attendance with staff initials will be kept of each activity/First Day School meeting
  • Parents/guardians must complete a registration form for each child. This form will be reviewed annually.  Parents/guardians should update the form as needed.
  • Events out of the scope of normal activities must receive the approval of parents or guardians.  Most often, this approval should be in the form of written consent.
  • This plan will be regularly communicated to parents, care providers, and volunteers and appropriate committees.
  • All teachers, helpers, floaters, drivers of children, and members of the YRE Committee must read and sign this statement.

I have read and will abide by the above practices.


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Procedure for Responding to a Safety Concern

  1. Concerns should be reported to any member of Ministry and Counsel or the clerk of the Meeting.
  2. The contacted person will ensure that an incident report form is filled out.
  3. A Response Committee will be convened by Ministry and Counsel to address the concern.  This committee should include a member of the Youth Religious Education committee.
  4. This procedure will be communicated regularly to all members/attenders of Meeting, with special attention to youth caregivers, parents, and appropriate committees.

Copies of forms and documents are located in the YRE folder/binder as well as on the Concord Friends Meeting website at