Contact Information Release

To see how you can contact us, please click on the Menu tab "Contacts."  Members and attenders may add their personal information to the private contact list by reading on... 


Concord Friends Meeting has agreed the following Data Protection Policy for its Contact List (informally referred to as ‘The Blue List’).

“This list may be used by members and attenders of Concord Friends Meeting for the administra­tion of the affairs of Concord Friends Meeting and of any bodies set up by Concord Friends Meet­ing, or for the legitimate purpose of the Religious Society of Friends in New England.  It may not be used for other purposes.  Everyone on the list has agreed to the inclusion of their name and details, either by becoming a member of Concord Friends Meeting or, if not a mem­ber, in writing.

“Please keep copies of this list somewhere safe.  Copies of this list should not be left out in the Meeting House.”

Your new listing (or corrections to your existing contact information) may be made on-line below.  Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required fields.  If you would prefer to print out a copy of the .PDF form, please do so and leave your completed form at Meeting or mail it in.

Contact Information Form as PDF file       

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