Hospitality Committee Proposal

·         Hospitality Committee.  We recommend that the Hospitality Committee be laid down and its function replaced (as described below) with a cadre of task oriented volunteers from the Meeting.  These volunteers, who are called to the service of providing hospitality, would be recruited annually by the Nominating Committee.

·         Having supplies on hand for hot drinks.  We understand it is current practice for the Property Committee to meet these needs and we recommend this be continued.

·         Sunday Coffee Hour and Pot Luck.  With the help of the First Day School and informal volunteering, hot drinks are prepared and food served and cleaned up without a formal plan.  We recommend this informal practice continue.

·         Events sponsored by the Meeting. Typically an event sponsored by the Meeting is assigned to a working group or standing committee of the Meeting.  At the time such sponsorship is determined we recommend it be the responsibility of the named working group or Committee to plan for whatever the hospitality needs may be.

·         Building rentals or free use by others (excluding Yearly Meeting events).  The Meeting has a Building Use Policy that calls for the renter to pay for their hospitality needs (re. opening, supervision, and cleanup/closing) and for the Property Committee to make such arrangements.  Those who use the building for free in these cases have a direct relationship with individuals in the Meeting who take responsibility for their needs.  We recommend this practice continue.

·         Yearly Meeting Committee Meetings and Events.  We recommend that a Hospitality Coordinator be identified.  Four or five potential Hosts for meetings and events of the NEYM would be identified. The likely use of the building at this time is approximately three events per year. Additionally an unknown number of helpers (as many as are called to this service) would be named. Expenses incurred in any of this work are expenses of the Meeting’s Hospitality Expense budget line. That is to say there is no expectation that food will be contributed. This group of volunteers is not a Committee and will not be asked to serve as such.  Their function is limited.

The job descriptions are:

o   Helpers.  Helpers can contribute by preparing some food, or being present for a part of the event (in place of the Host) for opening or closing.  Food can be prepared in advance and stored at the meetinghouse or with the Host. Food contributions may include just one dish or the entire needs of the group, depending upon the Helper’s interest and available time.

o   Host.  The Host is expected to be responsible for arranging and overseeing the hospitality needs for one committee meeting or event each year.  Anticipating three events or meetings in a year means that having 4 or 5 Hosts will make it possible to respond to conflicting schedules.  The Host will be responsible for the following tasks or finding helpers to accomplish them.

§  Knowing the group’s food needs and dietary restrictions.

§  Meet the group as it arrives with hot beverages at minimum.

§  Ensure that the group is “good to go,” and has a telephone contact for unexpected needs or circumstances that arise during the event. 

§  Ensure that arrangements for lunch, if needed, are complete and handled.

§  Be present for the closing of the meetinghouse at the end of the meeting or event and that the facilities are appropriate for the next use.

§  Reporting to the Coordinator the full plans for the meeting or event including the group’s food needs and who is meeting them, who is opening the building and meeting the group, who is available by phone to respond to unexpected circumstances during the day, and who is closing up the building.

o   Hospitality Coordinator.  The Coordinator

§  Receives notice from the Property Committee of a request for building use by a NEYM committee or event planner on a particular date.

§  Communicates with the NEYM Clerk  or event planner to learn first-hand the hospitality needs of the group.

§  Arranges for one of the four or five Hosts to host the event or meeting, conveying their specific hospitality needs including dietary restrictions.

§  Places the name of the Host on the Meeting calendar in the kitchen under the name of the event.

§  Receives the event hospitality plan from the Host.

§  Contacts the NEYM meeting or event contact in a timely manner if any difficulties are anticipated in meeting their needs such that an alternate date or site can be arranged for the group.