Closing Checklist

  1. Are the kitchen and drink sink counters cleaned up?
  2. Are the electric burners and oven turned off?
  3. Has the Hearing Assistance System been shut down?
    1. Return the microphone to closet.
    2. If battery indicator on the microphone was red, check whether the battery is rechargeable, and, if so, put it into the wall-mounted charger with another rechargeable battery.  (For the charger to work, the batteries must be mounted in pairs.)
    3. Turn off the lighted red switch on power strip in closet (not on each machine).
  4. Have ‘left items’ been picked up in worship or fellowship rooms?  If so, leave in Lost and Found Box in the foyer left closet.
  5. Are windows closed everywhere?
    1. worship room
    2. fellowship room
    3. mechanical room
    4. classrooms
    5. bathrooms
  6. Have carpets been vacuumed, floors swept and spot cleaned?
    1. lobby
    2. outside main entrance
    3. back hall
    4. fellowship hall & kitchen
  7. Has the rubbish and compost been picked up?
    1. Has Trash/Recycling been taken home by trash person when needed?  (Paula takes the trash; alternates are Kathy U, Rob/Donna, David, and J.J./Sara.)
    2. Compost needs to be taken every week.  (Greg and Ruth take compost.)
  8. Have the towels been taken for washing?
    1. Have linens (bathroom hand towels, kitchen towels) been taken home to wash by laundry person?  (Greg and Ruth check this and do the laundry.  If Greg and Ruth are not present, please make sure someone takes them to wash and return next Sunday.)
    2. Trash bags are kept in bathroom cabinets for this purpose.
  9. Water the plant in the lobby if it hasn't been done by Ruth.
  10. Is the refrigerator off?  Are the doors open?
  11. Are the lights off?
    1. Interior lights should be off everywhere.
    2. Outside floods are not adjusted.
    3. Outside lights by doors should be off.
  12. Are all doors fully closed, locked and tested?
    1. If the door crashbar was “locked open” so the latch remains retracted, release the unlocked crashbar with “dogging key” by the door.  [This word usage is a metaphor derived from the idea of a dog biting and holding on.]  Is the padlock combination spun well off the opening combination?
    2. Check that the door is locked from the outside.