CMM 2010-06-13

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

6th Month [13], 2010

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting gathered in Meeting for Worship for Business at the Merrimack Valley Daycare Center in Concord, NH.  Friends present were:  8

The meeting began with a period of silent worship.

6.1  Fifth Month Minutes: The meeting reviewed and approved the minutes from the Meeting for Worship for Business 5th Month, 2010.

6.2  Treasurer’s Report:

6.2.1  The meeting reviewed and accepted the report of the Treasurer which included a Statement of Income and Expense for the dates 6.1.09- 5.31.10 (attached) and a Meetinghouse Financial Report reflecting the costs associated with the new Meetinghouse from inception through 6.12.10 (attached).

6.2.2  The meeting approved a request from the Treasurer to release to the Building Committee the balance held in the Special Collections Funds for the purpose of building book shelves in the library of the new Meetinghouse.

6.2.3  The meeting gratefully accepted the offer of Sara Smith and Kathryn Cranford to research how other meetings handle requests for memorial contributions to the meeting.

6.3  Nominating Committee Report:

6.3.1  The Nominating Committee recommended Brian Paterson to serve as Treasurer and the meeting joyfully embraced his acceptance of this position.

6.3.2  The meeting approved the subtraction of Sara Smith and the addition of Brian Patterson and Greg Heath to account authorization at Merrimack County Savings Bank.  Ruth Heath will continue to have such authority as Co-Clerk.  At the request of Merrimack County Savings Bank (MCSB) the Meeting adopted this resolution:

  1. MCSB is designated as a depository for the funds of the Meeting and to provide other financial accommodations indicated in this resolution.
  2. This resolution shall continue to have effect until express written notice of its rescission or modification has been received and recorded by MCSB.  Any and all prior resolutions adopted by the Meeting and certified by MCSB as governing the operation of the Meeting’s accounts, are in full force and effect, until MCSB receives and acknowledges an express written notice of its revocation, modification or replacement.  Any revocation, modification or replacement of a resolution must be accompanied by documentation, satisfactory to MCSB, establishing the authority for the changes.
  3. The signature of an Agent on this resolution is conclusive evidence of their authority to act on behalf of the Meeting.  Any Agent, so long as they act in a representative capacity as agents of the Meeting, is authorized to make any and all other contracts, agreements, stipulations and orders which they may deem advisable for the effective exercise of the powers indicated below from time to time with MCSB, subject to any restrictions of this resolution or otherwise agreed to in writing. Powers:

    One signature required.

    1. Endorse checks and orders for the payment of money or otherwise withdraw or transfer funds on deposit with MCSB.

    Two signatures required for all other actions.

    1. Open any deposit or share accounts in the name of the Meeting
    2. Borrow money on behalf and in the name of the Meeting, sign, execute and deliver promissory notes or other evidences of indebtedness.
    3. Endorse, sign, transfer, mortgage or pledge bills receivable, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, stocks, bonds, real estate or other property now owned or hereafter owned or acquired by the Meeting as security for sums borrowed, and to discount the same, unconditionally guarantee payment of all bills received, negotiated or discounted and to waive demand, presentment, protest, notice of protest and notice of non-payment.
    4. Enter into a written lease for the purpose of renting, maintaining, accessing and terminating a Safe Deposit Box in MCSB.
  4. All transactions, if any, with respect to deposits, withdrawals, rediscounts and borrowings by or on behalf of the Meeting with MCSB prior to the adoption of this resolution are hereby ratified, approved and confirmed.
  5. The Meeting agrees to the terms and conditions of any account agreement, properly opened by any two Agents of the Meeting.  The Meeting authorized MCSB, at any time, to charge the Meeting for all checks, drafts, and other orders, for the payment of money, that are drawn on MCSB, so long as they contain the required number of signatures of this purpose.
  6. The Meeting acknowledges and agrees that MCSB may furnish at its discretion automated access devices to Agents of the Meeting to facilitate those powers authorized by this resolution or other resolutions in effect at the time of issuance.  The term “automated access devise” includes, but is not limited to, credit cards, automated teller machines (ATM), and debit cards.
  7. The Meeting acknowledges and agrees MCSB may rely on alternative signature and verification codes issued to or obtained from the Agents named on this resolution.  The term “alternative signature and verifications codes: includes, but is not limited to, facsimile signature on file with MCSB, personal identification numbers (PIN), and digital signatures.  If a facsimile signature specimen has been provided on this resolution, (or that are filed separately by the Meeting with MCSB from time to time) MCSB is authorized to treat the facsimile signature as the signature of the Agent(s) regardless of by whom and by what means the facsimile signatures may have been affixed so long as it resembles the facsimile signature specimen on file.  The Meeting authorizes each Agent to have custody of the Meeting’s private key used to create a digital signature and to request issuance of a certificate listing the corresponding public key.  MCSB shall have no responsibility or liability for unauthorized use of alternative signature and verification codes unless otherwise agreed in writing.

6.4  New Accounting Software:

The Meeting approved a Continuing Resolution to allow the Treasurer to pay outstanding bills until a new budget can be approved at the next business meeting, including a line item for new accounting software (estimated to be approximately $450).

6.5  Ministry and Counsel Report:

6.5.1  The Ministry and Counsel Committee requested that the meeting change our practices around singing on First Day to include:

  • worship in song to begin at 10:00 in one of the classrooms to allow those individuals not interested in singing to begin preparing for worship in the worship space;
  • unprogrammed worship to begin at 10:15.

Meeting approved these recommendations and asks the Youth Religious Education Committee to accept responsibility for the care of singing before worship.

6.5.2  The Ministry and Counsel Committee requested that the Meeting establish a working group to plan a fall retreat.  The Meeting nominated Sara Smith, Kathryn Cranford, Linda Peters (pending her acceptance) and Ruth or Greg Heath to serve on this committee.

6.5.3  The Ministry and Counsel Committee announced the appointment of Sara Smith and Mark Barker as Co-Clerks.

The meeting closed with a period of silent worship

Respectfully submitted, Accepted as the approved record when signed

Alisa Barnard, Recording Clerk

Greg Heath, Co-Clerk, Presiding at this Meeting