CMM 2015-08-09

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting

Religious Society of Friends

8th Month 9, 2015

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting gathered in Meeting for Worship for Business at the meetinghouse in Canterbury, NH.  Friends present:  5

Meeting opened with a period of silent worship.

8.1  Friendly Assistance Policy. We reviewed, discussed and approved the policy recommended by Ministry and Counsel.

8.2  Concord State Prison Minute.  Rob Spencer gave background information on plans for facilitating meetings for worship at the prison.  The following minute, submitted for approval by Ministry and Counsel, was read and approved:

Because the worship inside the New Hampshire State Prison facility in Concord will be under the care of Concord Friends Meeting, we will ask anyone interested in volunteering to attend this worship to complete the prison application and have a letter from our M&C accompany that application.  This letter will be written after a clearness process with this person and Concord M&C or a subcommittee of it.

8.3  Fourth First Day Topics.  Ministry and Counsel is interested in hearing suggestions for 4th Sunday program topics.  One possible topic presented was a discussion of Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights, an anthology of writings by black Friends.  A NEYM committee (?) is willing to facilitate the discussion.

8.4  Landscape Committee.  The Property Committee asked that the Landscape Committee be encouraged to bring its recommendations and budget requirements to the next Meeting for Business.

8.5  Budget Committee Report.  Treasurer Dave Woolpert reported that our total income for the year is $3,518, versus the budgeted $25,076, and total expenses are $3,031, versus the budgeted $24,822; net income is $487, versus budgeted $254.  He noted that while we’ve spent more on property expenses so far this year, it’s just a matter of timing rather than a trend.  Regarding the meeting’s financial status, Dave reported we have about $14,500 in cash assets and $3,200 in current liabilities with a total of $4,400 unreserved cash available.  $1,000 will be added to current liabilities, and unreserved cash reduced by that amountin the next report, reflecting the amount reserved for Friendly Assistance funds.

8.6  Outreach Committee Report.  Mark reported that the Canterbury Fair was a great success, with adults as well as children participating in making peace flags.  Plans are underway for the October 10th Rise Again Concert at the Concord Community Music School and sing-alongs at the Meetinghouse later in the fall and winter.  Some of the proceeds will be shared with AFSC NH.

8.7  Youth Religious Education Committee Report.  Kathy Uri reported that YRE will be meeting next week.  They have been working on a child safety policy for the meeting.

New Business

8.8  Concord Hospital Representatives.  We approved asking M&C to respond to a letter from Concord Hospital regarding faith community leadership representatives.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Mercer, Acting Recording Clerk

Mark Barker, Presiding Co-Clerk