CMM 2017-03-12

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Third Month 12, 2017

3.1  The meeting opened with worship.

3.2  Second Month Minutes:  Friends approved the minutes of Second Month 2017.

3.3  Budget Report:  We are 75% of the way through our fiscal year.  Income is $16,405 or 64% of the budgeted amount.  Income is less than at this point last year which might lead to a shortfall.  Total expense is $16,720 or 65% overall.  Net Income is -$315.  Total Unrestricted Cash is $597.

3.4  Solar Committee Report:  The work of the Solar Committee continues with our attorneys and the other churches.  We may not be able to meet the spring deadline for a proposed grant although there is another in the fall.

3.5  Support for Refugees and Immigrants:  Friends approved the endorsement of the Hanover Friends Meeting Minute 12/18/2016 although we struggle with discerning how to go forward beyond the endorsement.  The minute will be distributed to the Concord Monitor and the Union Leader.  Friends would like for Nominating Committee to consider repopulating the Peace, Social Concerns and Earth Care Committee, or perhaps constituting a task force.

3.6  Names in Minutes:  Friends considered whether names should be included in the minutes, either as a list of those present or in the actual text of the minute.  Friends approved eliminating the list of those present and only using names in the text of the minute where appropriate and necessary.  The web clerk found it cumbersome to comply with the minute 2017.1.3 when putting previous minutes on the website so this change will be reflected in the minutes going forward.  [See also minutes 2011.9.1 and 2012.3.2.]

3.7  Time-Sensitive Public Statements:  Friends considered a draft minute proposing a process for making time-sensitive public statements.  [See also minute 2017.2.8.]

3.8  State of Society Report:  Friends considered the draft of the 2016 State of Society report.  Friends who have reactions should send them to Ministry & Counsel Committee before the next committee meeting on Third Month 19, 2017.

3.9  The meeting closed with worship.

Submitted by

Recording Clerk, Jonie LaBombard

Presiding Co-Clerk, Mark Barker