CMM 2017-09-10

Minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business

Concord (NH) Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Ninth Month 10th, 2017

Attending:  12

9.1  The meeting opened with worship and a reading from Hebrews 13:2.

9.2  Membership:  Friends joyfully accepted the recommendation of Ministry & Council Committee to accept the transfer of membership of Elizabeth Meyer from Sandy Spring Meeting to Concord Meeting.

9.3  Mindful Mortality Ministry:  Since the Meeting has, and continues to, support Rob Spencer in his teaching of the Mindful Mortality Ministry, Friends approved the establishment of a “Mindful Mortality Ministry Fund” to process donations in support of Rob Spencer’s teaching of this curriculum.

The Ministry and Counsel Committee of Concord Friends Meeting has served as a support committee for member, Rob Spencer's ministry of teaching a curriculum entitled "Mindful Mortality: Lessons learned at the end of life teaching us how to live today." He has shared this ministry with Concord Friends Meeting, as a retreat at Woolman Hill, and elsewhere.

Rob sometimes receives an honorarium or other payment from individuals or organizations when he teaches. Many teaching sessions are given on a volunteer basis with no expectation of payment. Rob proposes to offer recipients of his services the option of making a free will contribution to the Meeting in support of his ministry and that a fund be established for tracking such contributions, a “Mindful Mortality Ministry Fund.” He further proposes that he would be compensated from this fund at the rate of 90% of the amounts donated to it to support his ministry. The Meeting would provide him a Form 1099 if required by the IRS. Costs to the Meeting associated with administering the fund are expected to be minimal (a package of 1099 forms may need to be purchased for approximately $25). If Concord Friends Meeting's administrative costs related to the fund exceed 10% of the contributions made to the fund, those excess costs would be taken from the fund prior to disbursing payments to Rob.

9.4  Eighth Month Minutes:  Friends accepted the minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business on Eighth Month 13th, 2017 as posted on the website.

9.5  Budget Committee Report:  Income to date is $5,023.46; total expenses are $3,231.19; net income is $1,792.27.  There were no expenses of particular note.  Friends are asked to consider that we are 25% through the fiscal year and donations are at 19% of the budgeted amount.

9.6  AMTP Property Transfer:  The [ad-hoc] committee appointed to evaluate the transfer of property from the AMTP to the Meeting has met once.  Friends with questions or suggestions should contact committee members David Woolpert, Ruth Heath and Sara Smith.

9.7  Response to NEYM Minute 2016-64:  Friends approved the response requested by NEYM to NEYM Minute 2016-64 that was drafted by the co-clerks and is posted on the website.  Friends noted that there is still much work ahead.

9.8  NH Immigrant Solidarity Network:  The Granite State Organizing Project, the NH Program of AFSC, and other faith communities in the state have asked Friends to support a statement calling for creation of a NH Immigrant Solidarity Network.  Friends authorized the co-clerks to sign the statement, with the acknowledgment that doing so is a gesture of trust in those leading this network, and that there is always a possibility that we might have to withdraw our corporate support in the future if there is a change in strategies or tactics.

9.9  Investigation of Meetinghouse Modifications:  Friends asked the Property Committee to investigate the costs of adding sprinklers and a shower to the Meetinghouse.

The meeting closed with worship.

Submitted by,   Accepted as the Approved Record,
/s/ Jonie LaBombard, Recording Clerk   /s/ Mark Barker, Presiding Co-Clerk

The following table has yet to be updated; it's just a placeholder for now.
Concord Monthly Meeting

Income & Expenses as of Eighth Month 31, 2017 (17% of Fiscal Year)
Concord Monthly Meeting Income & Expenses Actuals 2017-06 through 2017-08 Actuals 2016-06 through 2016-08 12-Month Budget YTD Actuals over Budget % Budget
      Contributions $3,061.00   $24,746.00 ($21,685.00) 12.4%
      Interest Income $0.46   $220.00 ($219.54) 0.2%
      Rental Income $185.00   $800.00 ($615.00) 23.1%
      Miscellaneous Income $0.00   $0.00 $0.00  
Total Income $3,246.46   $25,766.00 ($22,519.54) 12.6%
           Budget Committee $0.00   $20.00 ($20.00)  
           Hospitality $2.99   $180.00 ($177.01) 1.7%
           Library $0.00   $80.00 ($80.00)  
           Ministry & Counsel $0.00   $175.00 ($175.00)  
                Website Expenses $0.00   $240.00 ($240.00)  
                Outreach - Other $105.00   $260.00 ($155.00) 40.4%
           Total Outreach $105.00   $500.00 ($395.00) 21.0%
           Peace, Social & Earthcare Concerns $169.00   $100.00 ($100.00) 169.0%
           Youth & Religious Education $9.37   $300.00 ($290.63) 3.1%
      Total Program $286.36   $1,355.00 ($1,068.64) 21.1%
           Building Maintenance $106.12   $600.00 ($493.88) 17.7%
           Debt Service $0.00   $3,806.00 ($3,806.00)  
           Donation in Lieu of Taxes $0.00   $300.00 ($300.00)  
           Electricity $190.63   $1,000.00 ($809.37) 19.1%
           Grounds $0.00   $100.00 ($100.00)  
           Insurance $133.25   $1,700.00 ($1,566.75) 7.8%
           Replacement Reserve Expense $451.00   $5,411.00 ($4,960.00) 8.3%
           Snow Removal $0.00   $2,000.00 ($2,000.00)  
           Supplies - Bldg. & Maintenance $31.11   $185.00 ($153.89) 16.8%
           Wood Pellets $0.00   $1,300.00 ($1,300.00)  
      Total Property $912.11   $16,402.00 ($15,489.89) 5.6%
           AFSC $0.00   $1,457.00 ($1,457.00)  
           Dover Quarterly Meeting $0.00   $10.00 ($10.00)  
           FCNL $0.00   $131.00 ($131.00)  
           Friends Camp $0.00   $270.00 ($270.00)  
           FWCC $0.00   $57.00 ($57.00)  
           Interfaith Council $0.00   $50.00 ($50.00)  
           NEYM - Equalization Fund $0.00   $260.00 ($260.00)  
           NEYM - General Fund $0.00   $5,516.00 ($5,516.00)  
           NH Council of Churches $0.00   $50.00 ($50.00)  
           Woolman Hill $0.00   $208.00 ($208.00)  
      Total Support $0.00   $8,009.00 ($8,009.00)  
Total Expense $1,198.47   $25,766.00 ($24,567.43) 4.7%
Net Income $2,047.99   $0.00 ($2,047.99)  

Prepared by Greg Heath and Chris Haigh