Dover QM, 2017-04-30

Dover Quarterly Meeting

held at West Epping Meeting on 30th April, 2017

Present :  North Sandwich – 2,  Concord – 1,  Dover - 3 ,   Gonic- 3,     Weare - 1    Souhegan - 1  West Epping - 4  plus NH AFSC staff - 1

4.1  Nominating Committee Report

The nominating committee, in reviewing their charge from the quarter, felt called to look for leadership in filling Clerk positions.  They were renamed the Steering Committee.  Their goal is to nurture attendance, to make new connections with new people.  Erik Cleven from Souhegan was nominated as Clerk for the Quarter.  Fay Reilly from North Sandwich was nominated as Recording Clerk for the Quarter.  Both were approved.

Both accepted the nominations with joy and humility.  Erik introduced himself and his interests in Quarterly Meeting.  Fay shared a brief summary of involvement with Friends and interest in assuming role.

To improve the contact list for the Quarter, a list was sent around to update with current attendees.

4.2 AFSC presentation - Celebrating 100 years

Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty discussed the history and current involvement of AFSC worldwide and in New Hampshire. All attendees did an interesting lining up according to how long ago we learned about or took part in any AFSC event, ranging from those who were active in the 1950’s up until present time.

Maggie Introduced current projects with information for how friends can be involved. – On June 6, 78 Indonesians will report to Immigration.  Friends want to have a group outside immigration in Manchester to offer support to those who are afraid they could be deported.

4.3 Climate Pilgrimage for Transformation

Muriel Farrar announced about a climate change pilgrimage being planned by a group from New England YM  in NH in July walking from Portsmouth to Bow, NH this summer to bring attention to the two fossil fuel plants in NH.

4.4 Treasurer’s Report from Muriel Farrar

See Attached report. We have a balance of $1,312.26. 

4.5 State of meeting reports

  • Concord Meeting - See attached State of Society for 2016 on Meeting website. (
  • Dover Meeting report was sent to Yearly Meeting. A copy will be sent to Recording Clerk
  • Gonic Meeting had a wedding - Karen And Daniel Comly - Married under care of the meeting (who were present with us). They will send their report soon.  
  • North Sandwich Meeting - See Attached

  • [Weare?] Meeting - See attached

  • Souhegan Preparative Meeting - See Attached
  • West Epping Meeting - See Attached

Several meetings presented what they are doing to attract new members and how they are engaging in their communities. We decided we want this to be a focus of a future quarterly meeting program.

4.6 Travel minutes

  1. Brian Drayton – We approved endorsing the Travel Minute from Weare Meeting for Brian from Souhegan Preparative Meeting to go outside NEYM in his ministry of encouraging vocal ministry in meetings.
  2. Maggie Fogarty - Quarterly approved the Travel Minute for Maggie Fogarty and her children Danny and Mary to go to Cuba. This minute was brought to Quarterly by Dover Monthly Meeting that approved it in December 2016. Quarterly Meeting approved $500 be offered to go with Maggie to our sister meeting in Cuba and the Cuban Friends Meeting Intergenerational Delegation
  3. Marian Baker - from Weare handed in a copy of the endorsements of this year written on her travel minute for her ongoing ministry empowering women in East Africa.  

4.7 Future Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Meeting July 30, 2017 will be hosted by North Sandwich.  Dan and Mary Provencal-Fogarty will present a report on their Cuba trip and we will try to especially encourage all teenagers and young adult Friends from each meeting to attend.  

Quarterly Meeting Oct, 2017  Gonic and Weare will negotiate which one of them will host this Quarterly.  Souhegan meeting will present program  on outreach and attracting new members/attenders.

It was suggested we might want to hold an 'All NH Gathering' in place of our December QM since we have five fifth Sundays this year.

4.8 Previous Minutes

Attached are minutes from Oct 2016 and notes from Jan 2017 Quarterly Meetings that were approved as read.

4.9 Future of the Quarter.

Discussion regarding Quarterly’s need to look at the Quarter revisioning itself.  A suggestion was made for the Quarter to become the area’s ministry and counsel, corporately addressing the many issues that meetings have in common but which need larger vision to really address.

4.10 Memorial minute for Frederic DeCou Bell

William Fregosi, Clerk of West Epping Preparative Meeting read a memorial minute for Fritz Bell, who served as clerk of their meeting for over 40 years.  This minute will be forwarded by the new clerk to Yearly Meeting.

Meeting was closed at 3:00 pm

Fay Reilly, Recording Clerk

Front row L-R:  Maggie Fogarty, Isobel Parke, Mark Barker, Arnie Alpert, Marian Baker, Muriel Farrar
2nd Row L-R:  Bridget Rogier, Susan Wiley, Fay Reilly, William Fregosi, Carolyn Thomas
missing from photo:
Jnana Hodson - who took the photo -  thanks, Jnana;
Erik Cleven, Daniel and Karen Comly who all had to leave a bit early;
Chris Booth - who was also taking photos.