Quaker Testimonies

Friends define testimony as “an outward expression of an inward leading of the Spirit, or an outward sign of what Friends believe to be an inward revelation of truth.” 1

There are various acronyms for remembering some of the basic Quaker testimonies. 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6  One of the more well-known is “SPICES” 7, 8 for Simplicity Peace Integrity Community Equality Stewardship (or sometimes, Service or Sustainability).  To this, we could insert Love, and modify the acronym to "SPLICES", which hints at the intertwingledness of our testimonies.  Below are links to some resources available on the Internet.

Links to information on Quaker testimonies



Simplicity - focusing on what is truly important and letting other things fall away 4  


Peace - seeking justice and healing for all people; taking away the causes of war in the ways we live 4


Love - agape and phileo


Integrity (Truth) - living as whole people who act on what we believe, tell the truth, and do what we say we will do 4


Community - supporting one another in our faith journeys and in times of joy and sorrow; sharing with and caring for each other 4


Equality - treating everyone, everywhere, as equally precious to God; recognizing that everyone has gifts to share 4


Stewardship of the Environment - valuing and respecting all of God’s creation; using only our fair share of the earth’s resources; working for policies that protect the planet 4


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