Incident Report

To report an incident, you may download a Word .doc file or Adobe PDF file by clicking on one of the images below.  Then you may print it, and fill it in for posting or leaving with a member of the Youth Religious Education (YRE) Committee.

Alternately, you may fill in the webform below and press the “Submit” button, which will send an e-mail to the web clerk who will forward it to a YRE Committee member.


Concord Friends Meeting considers any sexual involvement of an adult with a child to be abuse of the child by the adult. We condemn such behavior.  We condemn the non-accidental injury or risk of injury to any child by any adult or caretaker.  We condemn any failure by a caretaker to take available action to provide for the care or supervision of a child in their care.

If you suspect that any such abuse or neglect may have occurred, please contact one of the people listed below:

Clerk of the Meeting

Any Ministry and Counsel Member

Please fill out the following information and share with the people listed above.

(Please cite the source of your information if not observed firsthand.) Where and when did the injury occur?


This form will be stored in a locked file box in the Meetinghouse.